Who is “johnRodie”?


johnRodie (Hamilton, Jr.) is a “81 Year Young” man, who after many years of scientific and industrial management experience, has continued his Mother and Father’s challenge which they instilled in their children - that “other people are often in a circumstance less fortunate than yours, and you should strive to help and encourage them, without regard to the limits of your own personal circumstances”.

That is what John Rodie Hamilton Jr. has done throughout his life, and will continue to do, in these “later years”.  His handcrafted musical instruments are just another way of accomplishing these goals, with music and performances.

This video is a brief expression of a man who has lived, and continues to live, a very wonderful life, having married a beautiful loving wife in college and fathering with her, four wonderful children, who are in turn “carrying on the wonderment” by living out their own caring lives.

This website has been produced by him, to simply say - “if you wish to help others, you just have to WANT to”.  The rest is up to you.

You will find that your caring help will not only be well received, but it can also be a very satisfying and often exhilarating experience for you.

                                      John Rodie Hamilton Jr.

                                                Bryan, Ohio

                                              March 2nd, 2014

Who is “johnRodie”?

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