The “creation” of a johnRodie

“heirloom” musical instrument


Most of the johnRodie instruments are made from “kits” which are purchased from a major musical instrument “kit manufacturer” whose people design the instruments..

Two exceptions -  (1) johnRodie did not make the Swiss Alphorn; it was bought from a “world renown swiss alphorn maker”, and (2) johnRodie did not make the Didgeridoo; it was bought from a “nationally known Didgeridoo maker”.

What makes the johnRodie instruments so exceptional?

  1. - they are carefully given a “final” hand-sanded finish, to give you “smooth, rounded” surfaces on the instrument, making them “very comfortable to hold”.

  1. - they have a “authenticating, serialized and dated” label which is applied “within” the

   instrument, such that you can view it through one of the “cut-outs” on the instrument.  This

   establishes your instrument as a “truly authentic heirloom” instrument for the ages.

  1. - they have at least five coats of “lemon oil” on the “fretboards”, preventing the “build-up” of the 

   oils from your fingers (which would occur if varnish were to be applied to the fretboard).

  1. - they are given a minimum of five “hand-rubbed” coats of varnish, and then at least four coats 

   of “hand-rubbed” paste wax.  This wax lasts a long time, allowing you to “rebuff” the instrument   

   without having to apply more wax.

-  they use “pentatonic tuning” - means there is simply “no wrong way” to play the instrument.

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  1. - they are made from select, beautiful hardwoods such as cherry, mahogany, or black walnut.  

   Certain pieces used high quality hardwood veneered plywood for a strong structure.

This is a “sample” of such a label.

  1. - As an additional “special feature”, you may custom order an instrument, and ask that a separate “bronze metal” label be placed on the “outside” of the instrument, to show that the instrument was made SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU.