A Therapy Harp


The Therapy Harp is a wonderful instrument which instantly provides the player with very soothing music as soon as they begin to hold and play it.  It is especially comforting to people who are in Senior Care Facilities or Hospitals, where boredom and loneliness can be a problem.         

Like all of the johnRodie musical instruments, the Therapy Harp can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their physical limitations (e.g. arthritic hands, like me) or their lack of musical experience or training (once again, like me).

Typically, the “player” of the harp can just slowly “pluck” the strings “one-at-a-time” to a cadence and tone which is pleasing “to them” - OR, they can “strum” the harp with one or both hands and produce absolutely beautiful sounds !!

How is this possible?  Because the harp is tuned to the “pentatonic” scale which means that there is “no wrong way” to play the instrument.  You do NOT have to be a musician !!

Another outstanding feature of the harp is that the player can actually “feel” the vibrations in their body as they hold the harp against their breast, giving them both “auditory and physical” pleasures.

A Therapy Harp

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