A Strumbly


The Strumbly is a simple “three-stringed” instrument which can be made to sound like both a guitar or a banjo.  Songs can be played by just using the “single melody string”, and occasionally strumming the other two strings, which act as “drones”.

If you wish, the instrument can be made with an “acoustical pickup” (as can ANY of the johnRodie instruments).  You will be “amazed” by the sound of this instrument when it is amplified - worthy of being part of your “favorite bluegrass band”.

The young man who designed the Strumbly wanted to create “the perfect beginner instrument”, using the simple diatonic (do-re-me) scale so that it would be as easy as possible.  I think he has “done it”, with the this instrument.

The neck (fretboard) even has “numbers” stamped right onto the wood, so that you can “play-by-the-numbers”, using a beginning songbook which comes with each instrument.

A Strumbly

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