A Hurdy Gurdy


You see - I am a second generation Scot.  My Father was born in Hamilton, Scotland. (my Last Name, you see; but there is NO connection to me or my Father), and I am extremely proud of my Scottish heritage.  As a matter of fact, Rodie was my Scottish Grandmother’s maiden name.

So, it is natural that I should like an instrument which I found to sound much like a Scottish Bagpipe.  My Wife, Barbara, always wanted me to learn to play a bagpipe; so when I came upon the Hurdy Gurdy which sounds very much like a bagpipe - “I was hooked”.

The Hurdy Gurdy (web hyperlink: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hurdy_gurdy) is a “four stringed” instrument.  Two of the strings are the “drones” (akin to a bagpipe’s drones), and the other two strings are the “melody” strings (akin to the “chanter” of a bagpipe), which have their tone changed by activating one of twelve “keys”.  By rotating a “rosin-coated wheel”, upon which each of the four strings are making contact, the “music (or “noise” to the “uninitiated”) is played. 

I always tell people - you have to be able to “chew gum and spit nickels” at the same time, as you crank the rosin coated wheel with your “right” hand and play the “keys/melody strings” with your “left” hand.

                                  “LET THE MUSIC(??) BEGIN”!!!

A Hurdy Gurdy

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