A Didgeridoo


The Australian Outback Aborigine Didgeridoo is a mono-tone, but multi-sound instrument that presents a “haunting, while melodic” tone that will always entertain - if for no other reason than it is so very different. (web hyperlink: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Didgeridoo).

A Didgeridoo

(to pronounce:  say as in “did you redo” your kitchen)

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Learning to play the didgeridoo can be a challenge, but once you realize the simplicity of playing it, you will be the “hit of the party”.  You can actually “vocalize” by “talking, chanting, and even screaming/yelling” to get “special effects”. 

The accomplished didgeridoo player learns to use “circular breathing through their nose” in order to play long-sustained tones (minutes) without the “breaks” that a person would normally take in order to “get a new breath”.  (web hyperlink: http://www.youtube.com/v/UmS7RlcIAqU).

johnRodie did NOT make this didgeridoo.  Our Son & His Wife bought it for me from a “nationally renown didgeridoo” maker (you can view their beautiful selection of Didgeridoos on their website (web hyperlink: http://www.martinandscott.com

I am including the Didgeridoo in this johnRodie website because I am quite pleased to be able to play this very unusual and distinctive instrument.                       

One person is on record playing for 50 minutes using this “circular breathing method”.   However - don’t despair - you can still enjoy it by just learning to breath through your nose, and living with relatively “short” breaks in your playing.